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Human Design, Transpersonal Coaching, and More

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I love working with clients individually—some of the most powerful work happens here.

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Thinking about working with me but want to make sure we're a good fit? Have a question or two you want to chat about? Start here.

I'm committed to creating and holding powerful space for you, your goals, and whatever transformation you're after. I work with people of all sexes, all genders, all sexual orientations, and am committed to providing safe, inclusive space where you can open up, dive deep, and stretch into your next brilliant iteration.

Core Gift Discovery

90-105 mins

Uncover your unique Core Gift—that thing you give to others (consciously or not), whereby you both facilitate and receive healing and growth each time you give it. We’ll articulate it and complete your Core Gift Statement, a powerful tool in guiding your life and decisions. Developed over decades by communities working with the Core Gift Institute, this process is a powerful alternative to other “strengths”-based assessments that seek to categorize and tell you who you are, as opposed to allowing you to uncover your gift in your own words.

Human Design Exploration

Your Unique Map for Successfully Navigating Life

Human Design is a powerful tool for understanding the self, and how each unique individual is wired to engage with the world around them and experience this lifetime. Certified through Karen Curry Parker's Quantum Human Design™ program, Stanley will support you in getting up to speed so you can maximize your decision-making processes, coaching journeys, personal and professional development, sleepy, life lessons and challenges, and more.

Now available -- free Relationships Report (catered to your Human Design chart).
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Transpersonal Coaching

Various Bespoke Packages

Coaching with Stanley can open up new ways of seeing, being, and living that get to the heart of whatever's got you stuck, so you can open up that next door you're wanting to walk through. If you're open-minded, curious, and willing to be courageously honest within a safe, caring, nonjudgmental container of support, let's talk. Use the contact form below to reach out.

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