The Art of Nonconformance

Equipping Change-Makers and Inclusive Leaders to Amplify & Maximize Their Vitality, Resilience, and Impact


Hey there, I'm Stanley!

I help big-hearted leaders, creatives, and change agents access their unique wisdom and gifts, articulate their purpose, and embody their bespoke life path as they navigate decluttering all the 'other stuff' they've been carrying around from society, unjust systems, and everything that hasn't worked for them.

No more cookie-cutter paradigms.

As they stand now, in the status quo—they don't work for everyone.

They never have worked for everyone—they've only worked for some people, and made all the people they didn't work for feel like they were doing it wrong or just weren't "good enough."

Let's get to the heart of your unique way, path, gift, wisdom, and service—and share that with the world (or your world) in the deepest, most authentic, impactful ways possible.

That is what we all need now—more people showing up, fully in touch with All They Are, tapped into their own wisdom, leadership, intuition, and BS-detectors, helping lead all of us forward into a future that passionately includes all of us.

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