Core Gift Discovery™

Understanding your Core Gift™ can skyrocket you forward in your purposeful decision-making and confidently walking your life's path.

Knowing your Core Gift is useful for any adult (or youth 15 and older) who is questioning their future direction or trying to understand their past. Because your Core Gift is at the center of who you are, it has influenced your past actions, sometimes without you knowing, and can be used as a powerful tool for making decisions about your future.

If you currently feel “stuck,” your Core Gift will help you decide what to do.

It can be used to guide decisions about current jobs, future careers, education, relationships, and hobbies. It can also be used to help you understand why you have such strong reactions, positive or negative, to certain people or situations. Your Core Gift can be used as a powerful contributor to personal healing and establishing a healthier life path.

Unique Offering

Your Core Gift is an offering that is uniquely yours to give. It is connected to and strengthened by your life experiences—particularly your challenges.


Knowing your Core Gift means you can better share it with others. It also provides focus to your sense of purpose and well-being, and can help guide your decision-making on your path forward.

Passion, genius, life purpose

Your Core Gift develops throughout your lifetime, touches all parts of your life, and becomes more impactful each time you face new challenges or give your Core Gift in service to others.

Core Gift Discovery Interview™ Session

  • Q&A and creative process tested over 20+ years

  • No pre-packaged phrases, categories, or 'types'—your Core Gift statement comes from your own words

  • Core Gift Master Facilitator guides you through the process of Q&A and then assembling your statement

  • By the end of the call, your Core Gift Statement will be ready for you to use to help guide your life path, decision-making, making meaning of past experiences and actions, understanding your leadership and/or creative style, and more.

The Process

Join me for an interactive session to uncover your Core Gift statement—a process designed to draw out your unique “you.”

Unlike other popular strength-finding assessment tools (which certainly have their place), the Core Gift process doesn’t ask you to choose from pre-determined choices, doesn’t compare you to other people, and doesn’t place you into pre-determined “this is you” categories as a result of your answers.

The result you come up with is designed by you, unique to you, and verified by you.

The session lasts about 90 mins (give or take 15 mins—we’ll schedule for an hour and 45 mins). I’ll ask you a variety of questions designed to produce answers from you that form the raw material for your Core Gift Statement.

I’ll then guide you through steps to help you choose your most important answers and help you discover your Core Gift.

The process uses a four-way verification process so you can confirm the validity of your Core Gift.

Designed over a 20-year period by the Core Gift Institute, the Core Gift Discovery™ process has been completed with thousands of people from many walks of life. Originally proven with people struggling with addiction, mental health challenges and homelessness, the process is now used with anyone at a change point in their life who wants to better understand their current situation and decide a future direction.

Once you purchase your session, the confirmation page will display the booking calendar.

Current wait times are 1-2 weeks, with availability during the day and evening (Eastern Standard / New York).


About Your Core Gift Discovery™ Facilitator

Stanley Edward (he/they)

Hi there, I'm Stanley—a professional coach, speaker, trainer, and facilitator, who invests a lot of time at the intersections of life purpose, sex, gender, sexuality, spirituality, race, and inclusion. I spent more than 20 years in the U.S. Army Reserve, with multiple combat tours, serving in military police, public affairs, and finally as an Equal Opportunity Advisor for the last several years of my career.

I successfully (though not always gracefully) navigated growing up fundamentalist Christian, reconciling my spirituality and sexuality, and growing into the inclusive metaphysical practitioner and change agent I continue to evolve into Being.

I'm passionate about helping people align with the full spectrum of who they truly are—

—honoring all the parts of themselves

—yes, including those parts...

—helping them get fully integrated into their wholeness...

...and bringing their full, unique, creative, loving, unapologetic brilliance out into the world.

Our planet is on the cusp of some powerful transformation right now—it's up to us what it will look like 50-100 years from now.

And, it's up to us what it will look like today, tomorrow, and in all the days between and beyond now and then.

I'm here to support people who want to create the most beautiful, passionate, creative, peaceful, inclusive planet possible.

That starts by creating that environment inside ourselves.

Much love to you!


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